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I host workshops on various topics including but not limited to:

  • Fermentation
  • Growing Microgreens/Sprouts
  • Holistic Perspectives on Allergies - maintenance and prevention
  • Fundamentals of a Plant Based Diet
  • Balancing healthy eating with a busy lifestyle
  • Stress Management
  • Meal planning and healthy shopping tips
  • Sustainable Living
  • Family Nutrition

Check out my upcoming events or contact me if you'd like to see me host a workshop on a specific topic. A central location can be reserved, or I can come to your school, workplace etc.


Cooking Classes


I teach group and private classes, on a range of topics and skill sets, from beginner to advanced. I work with plant based whole foods, bringing the best, healthiest and tastiest ingredients into the kitchen. 

Wether you want to work one on one, or you want a class for a group of your family or friends, we can build on your current skill set and focus on the specific things your interested in. 

Possible topics: (Note, I am open to requests and custom classes)

  • Kitchen Basics
    • Kitchen Safety and Knife Skills
    • The art of flavour building and combining (balancing spices, and subtle flavours) 
    • Crafting a well rounded dish with several components
  • Sauce Making
  • Soup Making
  • Cooking with whole grains and legumes
  • Sauce Making
  • Cooking with the seasons and working with local produce
  • Fermentation
    • Lacto-fermented vegetables
    • Fermented beverages (kefir, kombucha etc.)
    • Dairy free cheeses
  • Batch Cooking
  • Particular themes ie: Italian, or Thai
  • Baking (gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free can be done!)

Bring your appetite!  At the end of class we get to  chow down together.  You will also be sent home with all recipes, notes, and extra some extra resources including shopping tips, local businesses to check out etc.

Prices vary depending on class length, subject and group size. Check out my list of upcoming classes (prices listed) or contact me for inquiries regarding custom requests for group or private classes.

Private Classes can be held on your own home (location dependant) or in a rented kitchen space. For In home classes, I will bring all equipment necessary. (I will have you fill out a checklist to see what you already have).

For my list of upcoming classes and workshops click below, or subscribe to my emailing list to be notified when new events are posted!

Contact Me

Id be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let me know what you may like to learn or practice, and tell me what some of your favourite dishes or treats are. I look forward to hearing your inspirations and sharing mine!

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