Plant Based Meal Service

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I am stoked to be offering this service! This is a subscription service where you can choose to have some of your weekly meals taken care of for you. If you are busy with work during the week, and want a healthy lunch made and packed for you then you are in the right place.

Or perhaps you want your dinner taken care of a few nights per week, so you know you can just go home and relax, and have a nourishing meal on the table.

Meals will be available for pick up at a central location, or available for delivery for an extra charge. There will be 2 delivery/pick up days each week.

Menus will be posted by Tuesday morning for the following week, and orders must be placed by Thursday afternoon at 6pm. See below for a sample menu.


Several add ons to the weekend meal plan are available, ie spice blends, sauces to make your own yummy dishes (ie stir fry sauce, pasta sauce)

also, monthly kitchen staple stock up! - all in paper bags, compost once you fill your own jars! - or extra charge for jars?

Food Philosophy

All meals are Vegan, and 100% Organic, and will never have any refined sugar or artificial ingredients/preservatives in them. I only cook with whole foods, and source most of my ingredients locally. The majority of produce used in your meals will be directly from local farms, and most of dried goods (grains, spices, beans etc.) are purchased through local wholesalers. If I cant find an organic version of something I simply wont use it. I am committed to only using the most sustainably sourced ingredients that I can, and because of this, Menus are subject to change based on what is available. I am always looking for new organic and sustainable suppliers, so if you yourself are a supplier or know of a good one, let me know! The best quality food is always the most tasty!

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  • Those on a subscription of 3 or more meals/week will receive discounted pricing, and those receiving 7 or more meals/week can receive free delivery (location dependant).
  • You may mix and match between lunches, ie: 1 lunches and 2 dinner per week, or maybe you just want 3 lunches.
  • Subscribers can submit special requests and influence what future menus will entail!!


  • Lunches $10.50 (Subscribers $9.25)
  • Dinners $13.5 (Subscribers $12)
  • Add ons
    • Baked Goods - Always Gluten Free - Ie: muffins, granola bars - $3 (Subscribers $2.5)
    • Soup - 2 different ones each week - $6 (Subscribers $5.25)
    • Fermented foods - ie: Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, vegan yogurt! see weekly menu for pricing and what is available
    • Snacks Surprises! - Some weeks will feature extra surprises - stay tuned!

If you are feeding a larger group of people for a particular event, see your catering page under the services tab.

The meal Service will be starting in Spring 2018. I am currently away in Costa Rica cooking for the Envision Festival. Join our emailing list to be updated on when we launch!