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About Me

I’m Justin Andrews. I am a Plant Based Chef, and Holistic Nutrition Consultant, with a deeply rooted passion for healthy eating, clean living, and inspiring others to be the best they can be.

I want to help people reach their full potential. Our diets and lifestyle dictates our wellbeing, and effects how we think, act and feel. Through eating the best we can, cultivating positive relationships with others and ourselves, and practicing self-love, we can truly thrive!

I want to share my passion for food. Real Food. Wholesome, whole foods, made from scratch, and made with love and time and care. Through a commitment to my health, adopting a natural way of living and eating, I have lost almost 100lbs over the past 3 years. I was once sick, lethargic, and always foggy. By adopting a plant based diet, focusing on Real Food, I have totally transformed my life. I have way more energy, significantly less pain, and my thoughts are the clearest they have ever been.

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During my transition, I did not always have the community of support I needed. I sometimes felt isolated, and wished more people would make a commitment to their health with me.

I’m here so your not alone. I’m here to help people adapt to different ways of eating. Making changes can be hard, but are easier with a community.

I am available for nutrition consultations, cooking classes, catering, or as your personal chef for your gathering.

My Background

I am a professionally trained Chef. I studied at St. Lawrence College, with a focus in traditional French and Italian Cuisine. After Culinary School, I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I studied Holistic Nutrition. With a deeper understanding of health and its connection to our food choices, my culinary career took a big turn. I chose to go plant based, something I had little formal training or experience in.

I got a job at Envie, a local vegan restaurant, and began learning many new techniques and recipes. Since then, I have worked at several more plant based restaurants, and further fell in love with the craft in my home kitchen.

I am currently studying Aromatherapy and Personal Training. I love learning and growing into a healthier me every day. I have intentions of studying Herbal Medicine next, and further bridging the illusory gap between food and medicine.


My Goal

I want to build community. I want to bring people together who want to be healthy and vibrant and operating at their highest potential. We are limitless. We can achieve anything we set our hearts on.

I want to create a path towards a lifestyle that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. We can live together in harmony, we can live without disease, and we can share space with the natural world around us. Let’s put our hearts and minds together, and put good food on the table and we will shine.

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